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Trenton family's Bibles survive house fire

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A Trenton couple is without a home after an early-morning fire. The entire house burned -- except the room with the family's Bibles.

"If I hadn't had that smoke detector, they would've dragged me out dead," said Marvin Couch, who credits his smoke detector with saving his life after his space heater started a fire early Friday morning.

"I was in my birthday suit," he said. "I grabbed the recliner and threw it out the door. I tried to find something to beat the fire with. By that time, the curtains were blown up."

Couch rushed upstairs to put on clothes. He said the smoke was so thick, he had to slide down the stairs to get outside and call 911.

His wife, Wanda, was working the overnight shift and rushed home to save one special family photo.

"When they said everything's gone, that was the first thing that hit me. I don't have the pictures of my uncles," she said.

Flames destroyed every room in the house, except for one -- the back bedroom with the family Bibles.

"The Lord took care of that room for me, and I thank Him for that," Wanda said.

The couple built the house in 1981, and paid it off years ago. They canceled their insurance in December because the new rate was too high.

"I was hoping to be able to retire next month," said Wanda. "Don't think so."

She'll continue working her third shift job -- while leaning on faith -- to get the family back on their feet.

"The Lord will work something else out for me," she said.

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