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86-year-old poll worker has been greeting Brainerd voters for years

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Hamilton County has almost 800 people trained to work today's 12 hour shift at 75 different polling locations in the county.

And one woman has been doing that job longer than many of today's voters have been alive.

Greather Tinker is 86 years old and has been greeting Brainerd voters for almost four decades. Channel 3 caught up with her at the Brainerd Recreation Center Tuesday where she continued her long tradition of helping people vote.

"It's enjoyable to see people, to meet people, and to think you're helping people and encouraging them to vote because voting is very important," she said.

When Tinker was born, Herbert Hoover was president. She's lived through 14 different presidents of the United States and continued to vote. In fact, she voted on the first day of early voting last month.

"Come out and vote because that's something we all need to do is vote. And if we don't vote, we don't have nothing to say about whatever happens in the election," Tinker said.

At 86, Tinker says she's thinking about slowing down. But she emphasizes that it's only a thought. So, there's a chance she'll still be hugging voters in four more years when she's 90 years old.

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