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#DECISION2016: Campaign volunteers attempt to sway voters

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Anton Burnette says he and other trump volunteers are on a mission to make America great again.

“One thing about this campaign, my oldest daughter’s first name is America. My oldest son's first name is Donald. So you can say our family is made for this campaign,” said Burnette.

Here at Trumps field office in Cleveland Tennessee, volunteers make hundreds of calls to voters.

“It’s a big idea campaign. We’re not just looking to change a couple of little things. We’re trying to get those ideas to our local area,” said Burnette.

They don't only work in the office. They knock on doors, hand out fliers, and put out signs.

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“It’s just exciting. You go down the road, you see one. It’s just an encouragement, there is another like me. There is another person supporting Donald Trump,” said Burnette. 

Trump’s volunteers aren't the only one's trying to get their candidates message across to voters before Super Tuesday.

Clinton volunteers were out Monday putting down signs at polling locations around eastern Tennessee.

They hope Hillary Clinton’s message resonates with voters.

“I think campaigning is fun. You get to talk to people either in person or on the phone about your candidate,” said Annie Hall, Clinton campaign.

As volunteers get out the vote, polling precincts prepare to see voters.

“This is game day. This is turnout. We hope we have good weather tomorrow, so we can have a good turnout,” said Kerry Steelman, Administrator of Elections, Hamilton County.

 If you aren't sure where you are suppose to vote, click here.

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