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Vandals hit Dalton neighborhood, residents say it's an ongoing problem

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People in one Dalton neighborhood are cleaning up after vandals shot out the windows of at least three parked cars over the weekend. 

"Boom, boom, boom, boom. Like some type of gun," one victim said. 

Several victims we spoke with described hearing four gunshots late Friday night. They've asked us not to use their identities for their protection. 

"I actually rolled out of my bed onto the floor because I was afraid something was going to come through my window," she added. 

This isn't the first time people that live along Underwood Street and Red Clay Avenue have found themselves victims of this type of crime. Others we talked to say they've had their car windows shot out several times over the years. 

"I've had to replace every window on both of my cars. It starts out with egg throwing and then it escalates to gunfire," a previous victim added. 

A local body shop says it costs about $300 to fix a window. But many of those who live in the area are on a fixed income, making it hard to come up with the money for necessary repairs. 

"I didn't pay for it. I had to get the money from someone else. I had to borrow the money to have the windows put in the car because I didn't have the money to replace every one of them," the previous victim added. 

But the cost of fixing a window doesn't compare the the cost of someone's life and is why some who live in the area want to see police do more. 

"They don't realize how dangerous it is. Some people could be coming home from work, sitting in their car. A bullet could fly in somebody's apartment. Somebody could be standing outside their apartment. It's putting people's lives at risk," one victim said. 

Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department says they take crimes like this one very seriously and they've stepped up patrols in the area. They're also asking for more help from the public.

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"Don't wait to call 911. The quicker you call 911, we can get out there with officers and really get a lot of people over there. That's how we catch people that do this sort of thing," Frazier said. 

Police say someone arrested for this type of crime would probably be charged with Criminal Damage to Property in the 2nd Degree meaning you could spend up to five years behind bars and be responsible for paying some fines. 

If you have information for Dalton Police, you can report it anonymously by calling 706-278-9085 Ex. 9221 or online by clicking HERE

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