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#DECISION2016: Local election officials gearing up for Super Tuesday

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The Hamilton County Election Commission was busy making final preparations for Super Tuesday.

"It has been like Grand Central Station," Kerry Steelman, Hamilton Co. Administrator of Elections said, as some of the county's 700 poll workers were picking up last-minute supplies for their polling places.

Officials say this year's early voting numbers are on track with the record-breaking voter turnout in 2008.

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"2008 was a historic year, and frankly, I believe this year could be historic as well," said Steelman.

Channel 3 checked in with some local voters ahead of the presidential primary race.

UTC student Seylen Smith was one of the 18,000 people in Hamilton County who voted early.

"I'm supporting Bernie Sanders," said Smith. "He does believe that black lives matter and he believes for free college tuition for all students."

Conservative voters like Sam Hood, 80, are hoping for change.

"I'm a Trump man. I'm gonna vote straight Republican," said Hood. "I'm tired of what's going on in Washington. They're up there enjoying their salaries, doing nothing. Sittin' on their cans. So we need a change, and I think we need an outsider to do that."

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"I think I'll vote for Marco Rubio," said Judy Ragon.

She said issues like illegal immigration determine who she supports.

"I want something done about (immigration), but I differ with the other guys who think (immigrants) ought to just be sent back," Ragon explained.

Other voters say they're still undecided.

"Someone that understands global economics, for sure," said Clark Bridgman, UTC student.

All voting locations are open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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