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Several people leave movie theatre to find their cars damaged by 15 year old driver

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Several parked cars were hit in a local movie theatre parking lot, and the driver, who apparently caused all the crashes, is 15 years old. Police are trying to get to the bottom of how the teen got his hands on the car keys. The movie goers are dealing with a lot of damage.

Jessie Merciers just got done enjoying a movie with his fiancéee when he left the theatre to police cars surrounding his vehicle in the parking lot. He is one of the six victims hit by a 15 year old.

Movie goers at the Carmike walked out of the theatre Saturday to cars smashed into each other, with torn off bumpers  and tail lights shattered. Police officers were surrounding a row of cars. “A 15 year old, unlicensed driver plowed through our vehicles at a high speed in the parking lot and completely destroyed my 2016 vehicle,” said Jessie Merciers.

Jessie Merciers car was one of the six vehicles damaged by the 15 year old boy; a car he owned for less than a month. “It is my brand new car. I just paid my first payment on Friday and then Saturday it became destroyed to the point it is not drivable. It had to be towed to a location.”

East Ridge Police say the 15 year old didn't have a driver’s license not even his permit. They say his mother went to buy movie tickets and told her son to park the car. He mistook the gas for the brake and crashed into a row of cars. Merciers doesn't understand why he was on the road in the first place. “It is something I cherished and you destroyed it for no reason. Why? For no reason you can justify it with.”

Now without a car he is dishing out his own money for repairs. “I've worked the overtime to put in and afford the vehicle I really wanted. Also myself and my fiancé have been planning a vacation. This will allow us not to go on that vacation.” As he looks for answers his brand new car sits at the auto shop waiting for repairs.

Jessie Merciers says the damage isn't covered by the mother's insurance because the agency says the damage amount is too high to cover. A spokesperson with the police department says the mother of the 15 year old is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. The boy is charged with driving without a license and reckless driving.

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