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Woman concerned about water currents damaging her backyard

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Erma Hensley says water currents from this creek are eating her backyard.

She’s afraid the rapids will eventually take her jasper home, where she’s lived for four years.

“The property is going pretty far back, it's a lot of it gone, and I really don't want to lose the rest of what I got ,” said Hensley. 

Pryor Cove Creek runs behind her house.  Water once flowed where these rocks now sit, but Mother Nature carved a new path, cutting through 25 feet of her yard.

“There was no warning, I get up in the morning and it was gone. Where all those rocks are, are where the water is supposed to be,” said Hensley.

In order to fix the problem, a retainer wall has to be built. The wall comes with a $50,000 price tag.

Money Hensley says she doesn't have the money, because she's on a fixed income.

“I’m not the only person with problems. At least so far my house is still standing. I joke with my son, he doesn't think I’m funny when I say well if
you call me and I don't answer the phone is because I went down the ditch with the house,” said Hensley. 

Mayor Paul Evans surveyed her property Sunday. He says because it's on private property, the city is limited in what it can do.

But Evans reached out to a local contractor who is willing to help put an end to Hensley’s concerns.

“Anything we can do, to help the residents of jasper, it does feel good,” said Paul Evans, mayor.

Hensley says she's thankful for the help.

“I don't come across like I appreciate it, but I really do. I’m just not an outward person,” said Evans. 

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