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Fire crews begin cleanup stages for Lafayette business fire

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Fire crews remained on scene overnight into the early morning hours to watch for any hotspots that might have flared back up. Now the cleaning process begins.

Employees from buy the truck spent their Saturday morning cleaning up the office. 

A group of men drug out carpets and pulled water covered debris from the building damaged in Friday's fire. 

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Insurance assessors scanned the property, as the owner looks at his property in disbelief. 

Fire fighters pushed 24 hours straight on the scene.

"We kept a crew here all night. We brought a lot of the stuff out of the building," said Robert Busby 

Officials say wood pallets and the materials inside of the building had the highest risk of re-igniting. They spent the day removing materials from the building to extinguish. 

"We had a flare up a few times and put it out," said Robert Busby 

The Lafayette fire department had another long day ahead, as they keep a close eye on the building.

"We will send teams back into the building for hot spots and just to absolutely make sure the entire fire has been out," said City Manager of Lafayette,  David Hamilton 

As the building begins to cool off, crews keep working, clearing the way for the state fire marshal to come out and inspect the damage done and  to get to the bottom of what sparked the fire. 

"I believe we can finish up today. We got a crew coming in today to spread out the materials to where we can get back into it," said Robert Busby 

The state fire marshal is expected to be on scene sometime by Monday. The EPA tested the water and says it is okay. As a precautionary measure, officials are just asking residents to stay inside if they can. 

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