SUGAR HILL, GA (WXIA) - A local mom is calling for a student to be expelled over a horrifying case of bullying at Lanier High School in Gwinnett County.

It's a heartbreaking situation and the teen's mother feels like the school district is making it worse.

"They laughed and they said, 'We branded you like that fat pig that you are'," the victim's mother said.

It was almost too painful for Brooke Graves to hear what a classmate did to her son.

"To hear your son say that, it's just - it's heartbreaking," she said.

He was in chemistry class when he told her another student heated up metal tongs and snuck up behind him to burn his arm.

"He was distracted, snuck up behind, burned and then taunted for being burned," Graves said. "In my opinion that is the definition of intent to harm."

She said she didn't get the full story when the school called her to pick her son up. And when she talked to the school resource officer, he excused the behavior.

"Boys will be boys," Graves said.

But she said this goes way beyond rough-housing.

"Everybody's had times in school where you've been picked on. That's normal, and in some respects you have to teach your kids to suck that stuff up," she said. "I don't believe this was just boys fooling around."

Now, she says she can't get any information about what comes next.

"There's no information about when he may be back in school - when my son may run across him," she said.

The school district told us they will have a disciplinary hearing March 9. And while they cannot comment on specific cases, it is typical that the student would be out of school until that hearing.

But she doesn't think he should come back at all.

"That child should not be in that school," Graves said. "It should be clear-cut that he should be expelled right now."

She said what that student did to her son is a crime.

"If someone came up and burned you as you were walking down the street, it's an assault," she said.

The accused student may have to testify about what happened. And the school district said they are referring the case to law enforcement.

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