Cleveland Police are on the lookout for more car vandals. This time, the suspects are throwing rocks at moving cars.

Police say the vandals are targeting cars at random, in at least six areas across Cleveland and Bradley County. At least half a dozen drivers reported their windshields shattered -- out of nowhere -- while driving at night.

The suspects were driving a dark colored pickup truck. Drivers reported seeing a man in the bed of the truck who would throw rocks at vehicles as they passed.

"There was at least one injury that occurred to a driver from a rock being thrown," said Cleveland Police Sgt. Evie West.

"Can you imagine if you were driving along the road with your children or your family, and you don't know what's come into your car, or your window is shattered? It could make somebody flip their car over. It's very serious," West said.

It's Cleveland's second vandalism spree in the past few weeks.

Last week, police arrested five juveniles and one adult for vandalizing dozens of cars and homes earlier this month. In that case, police say the suspects threw rocks and bricks through windows, causing $35,000 dollars in damage.

Local auto repair shops have noticed the recent rush for repairs.

"Very busy with the rash of vandalisms that happened," said Donna Hart of Cleveland's ABRA Auto Body & Glass.

"It's not just one or two random, it's like it's happening all over the place. But this is the biggest amount at one time that we've ever seen," Hart said.

Many drivers had to pay for new glass out of pocket because most of their car insurance deductibles were too high to be covered.

"Vandalism is a crime, just like anything else," West said. "So we are willing and ready to find out who the suspects are so they can be charged."

A $500 reward has been posted for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland Police at (423) 559-3319.

You can also send a confidential tip to the department's Facebook page by clicking here.