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Non Surgical Weight Loss

ReShape: Non Surgical Weight Loss

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Joshua Lynn was one of the first patients in our area to undergo ReShape, a non surgical weight loss procedure.

Joshua says when he looked in the mirror he didn't like what he saw.

Joshua Lynn says "I was looking for a tool to give me a jump start on my weight loss."

And Joshua says he didn't want to undergo surgery... which up until recently was one of the only two options along with dieting and lifestyle changes.

Joshua Lynn says "I have yo yo dieted for 15 years and I needed something to change I was tired of being overweight."

Dr. Jaime Ponce of Chattanooga Bariatrics was one of the first in the country to offer the procedure. He says it is designed for those who are 30 to 90 pounds overweight. The two connected balloons are placed in your stomach to take up room and make you feel less hungry.

Dr Jamie Ponce says "Those two balloons are placed by endoscopy, not surgery.

He says the procedure only takes about 15 minutes and the first month can be an adjustment with patients experiencing nausea and vomiting.

Dr. Jamie Ponce says "You slide it in with the scope, inflate two balloons, remove cope and leave balloons there for six months."

Joshua who will soon have his balloons removed says he had to make some important lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

Joshua Lynn says "If I wasn't putting in the work I am putting in, I don't think I would be as far along as I am now."

And he still has more work to do. Joshua wants to lose about 30 more pounds. He says while this was a helpful tool, there is still no magic weight loss bullet.

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