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15 cars struck in police chase of Nashville rape suspect

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Traffic along Interstates 24 and 75 was snarled for hours after Wednesday's police chase ended just before the evening rush hour. 

Moments before troopers were seen pulling Cordarius Caldwell, 20, from the car, witnesses like Darian Chadwick describe seeing the stolen silver Impala weaving through traffic. 

"I just heard sirens and there were two Tennessee state troopers and that car behind me," she said, "He didn't seem to be going that fast but he kind of wove in between a truck and a semi and then between me and the person behind me and then just veered over and went around me."

A routine trip home from the doctor turned into anything but as Chadwick said Caldwell narrowly missed her car.

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"The only thing I remember, other than what his car looked like, is as soon as he passed me, his side view mirror was busted out. The mirror was busted out," she added. 

But others weren't as lucky. THP reports at least 15 cars were struck during the chase including two THP patrol cars. Officials tell Channel 3 no one was seriously hurt. 

Chadwick is thankful the situation wasn't worse and is glad her daughter wasn't in the car and that her unborn child wasn't hurt either. 

"There's no telling what could have happened if he had rear-ended me. I could have walked away but the road was pretty slick, I could have slid into somebody," she said. 

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