Strong winds downed trees and damaged cars early Wednesday

"On days like today we normally don't go out to work unless a call comes in and it's an emergency situation," said said Cody Watkins, Owner of  Big Woody's Tree Service. 

Watkins says there are many tricks to find out if a tree is safe from falling or not, experts say a leaning tree is a dead giveaway. 

"We've had 3 or 4 calls of trees falling down in yards and the guys are out taking one of of a house right now," said Watkins. 

He says strong winds can create stress cracks making trees that are dead, weak or sick even more likely to fall. 

 "It will mostly be pine trees this time of year. the hard wood trees don't have any leaves on them so they won't catch as much in the wind and they won't blow over," said Watkins. 

If you see a tree leaning with it's limbs dropping down or a tree with roots cracking or rising above ground, it's time to call a professional. 
"If you see your trees leaning or your neighbor's tree, a lot of people don't get out in the yard, especially in the winter time to look and notice things like dead trees and leaning trees but when a tree is leaning and the ground gets saturated it's a lot easier to fall over," said Watkins. 

There were several reports of downed trees in yards and a few on houses within Hamilton county, no one was hurt.

Experts say calling in a tree removal service now with the ground this saturated, could do even more damage to your yard. It's it's best to wait until things dry up a little, if it's not an emergency situation. You should never stand under or near a tree that looks unstable.