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Voters have option to choose delegates

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Billy Weathers voted early. He says there were a lot of names on the ballot to choose from. 

He was familiar with Donald Trump, but not some of the people under his name. 

“I haven't seen that before with all the different delegates on there, so that was a little different. All the people who are committed to different candidates,” said Billy Weathers. 

These people aren't only foreign to weather's, but others as well.

They hope to become delegates so they can nominate Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer.

“We send 2400 people to Cleveland Ohio this summer to be delegates at the national convention. And those delegates will be tasked with selecting the republican nominee for president, who will run against the Democratic nominee in November. So these 58 people will be sending will have an important voice in Cleveland,” said Oscar Brock, Tennessee Republican Party. 

If you pick up a Democratic ballot, the list is shorter. Democrats have a two-step process in choosing their delegates. 

“On March 5th, Hamilton County will hold a caucus out at the IBEW at 1 PM, to determine who goes onto our congressional caucus two weeks later on march 19th,” said Terry Lee, Chairman, Hamilton County Democratic Party. 

From there five people will be chosen to represent the 3rd congressional district, and nominate either sanders or Clinton at the DNC Convention in Philly.
The percentage of the vote a candidate gets next Tuesday is the percentage of delegates that will represent the candidate.

If you do vote republican, you don' have to select delegates to vote for your favorite candidate. 

Tennessee’s primary is next Tuesday.

If you don't know where you are supposed to vote, click here.

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