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Some voice concerns over flooding in Kimball

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The expected rain has some in Kimball concerned about flooding. Those living along Kimball Cove Branch in Marion County say flooding along the waterway has gotten worse in recent years.

"It's just a matter of not being able to get out of my front door," says Mary Jo Talley.

Talley says she is tired of her yard washing away.
"The water just runs all down. And I don't know how many loads of dirt that I have bought and put in this yard. And it just goes on down the road somewhere," says Talley.

Talley has lived by Kimball Cove Branch for 35 years.
"We've had lots of rain before and I didn't flood like this."

She says it is a combination of factors.
"Well, we have this housing thing up here," says Talley.

A development on the mountain has led to more runoff down below. With every heavy rainfall, the banks of the branch just wash away.
"There is another little branch up there that runs into this bigger one and when it floods over then I really get the flooding."

Talley recently voiced her concerns at a Kimball town hall meeting.
"I just went down there to voice my concerns about the flooding since it had gotten so bad. Of course, I know Mother Nature, you just have to prepare for, you can't beat her. But you can kindly repair," she says.

Kimball Mayor Rex Pesnell tells Channel 3 he is looking into the problem.
"He did come up here, the mayor did, and looked all over," says Talley.

The city has already hired a contractor to give an estimate on shoring up parts of the bank. In the meantime, Talley watches the forecast closely.
"Maybe I'll go to the motel," she says with a laugh. "Or flood on down the river."

The mayor says the city attorney is still working with TDEC to get proper permits to get the work done. There is still no timeline on when the repairs will be completed.

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