At Monday night's Fort Oglethorpe city council meeting, there was a demonstration. 

Catoosa Citizen’s For Animal Care baits traps with food and sets them around in Gilbert Stevenson Park. They say their mission is to reduce the cat population. 

Lynn Hall brought this trap to Monday night's city council meeting. 

“When we see a new cat come in, maybe a mother cat with kittens, we come and trap her like I’ve done a month ago,” said Hall. 

But, city leaders say what they are doing is a no no! They say the food put down attracts other animals which presents other dangers.

“We have a concern about the number of animals, especially the raccoons, the possums having rabies. It’s in such close proximity to the playground, the swing sets. And there is a lot of children who use our park,” said Ron Goulart, City Manager.

Pam Shaw was cited under a new ordinance baring people from feeding feral felines on government property in the city. 

She faces a misdemeanor nuisance charge and is due in court Thursday.

Hall doesn't believe citizens should be hauled into court.

She says she will continue to be at city council meetings until the city gets on board with what the CCA is doing.

“We would like to still be able to do what we are doing because it's working. We don't want to be threatened with phone calls, and followed around like we are criminals,” said hall. 

The city says they aren't asking for much.

“It’s going to attract the animals. If there is no food there, they are going to have to hunt on their own,” said Goulart. 

CCA says before they started there were over 100 cats.

They say their efforts have reduced the number of feral felines by more than half, while the City of Fort Oglethorpe says park cameras have helped them issue at least two misdemeanor citations.