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The Local Biggest Loser

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To see John now, it's hard to imagine he's been on a weight loss roller coaster ride the past 15 years.

John Kuehnel says "I just woke up and looked in the mirror and realized that I was living a very healthy lifestyle and I wanted to make a change."

This is John at one of his heaviest points. Taking that first step wasn't easy. But 3 years ago, he decided to get serious and take the next step, so he joined the gym and started working out at Planet Fitness with a personal trainer.

John Kuehnel says "It was pretty difficult I had a program I called it the 12 step program, you make one lifestyle change at a time."

And one of the first lifestyle changes John made was drinking more water and cutting sugary drinks out of his diet.

Taking those small steps is exactly what Personal Trainer Antonio McMath recommends to his clients. This is about the time of year people start to give up on those New Year's resolutions to shed the unwanted pounds.

Antonio McMath, Personal trainer
"You know that if you have to lose 100-200 pounds it's not going to happen in a month, being realistic with yourself and knowing where you are and its going to take time, but also pushing yourself."

That's exactly what John did. He found himself out doing things he had always wanted to do... snowboarding and kayaking...

John Kuehnel says "Set a goal for yourself when you make that goal set another goal and I think the goals they tend to increase, becomes a way of life for you."

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