UPDATE: The Bradley County Sheriff's Office has made an arrest in the case where perpetrators dumped stacks of tires behind a local church. 

Sheriff Eric Watson announced the arrest of Joshua Wesley Evans, 40, of Cleveland on Tuesday. Evans is charged with Aggravated Criminal Littering, a Class E felony, according to Sheriff Watson. 

Evans was booked into the Bradley County Jail, Tuesday morning. 

PREVIOUS STORY: The Bradley County Sheriff is calling a big tire dump behind a Cleveland church "borderline vandalism." Deputies are looking for the person who dumped more than 100 tires behind the Faith Memorial Church on 17th Street in Cleveland.
Pastor Jimmy Dupree says he could not believe his eyes when he looked behind one of the buildings on the campus of Faith Memorial Church in Cleveland.
"They were probably stacked anywhere from five to six high and there were probably 20, at least, different stacks," says Dupree.

There were more than 120 tires.    
"It seems strange that they would pick a church to leave the tires," says Dupree.

"This is sorry and low down for people to be trashing people's personal property and mostly on church property," says Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson.

Sheriff Watson says tire dumping in the county is a problem.
"Most of the time, when we look into cases like this, it's someone that goes around to the tire stores and they volunteer for a fee to pick up someone's tires and to dispose of them because the tire store doesn't want to pay the dump $2.50 to $3 a tire to dispose," says Watson.

The sheriff's office spent hours cleaning up the mess.
"We spent three days just helping the church clean up the property," says Watson.

The pastor and sheriff say the man behind the dump was driving a U-haul truck. The sheriff is determined to track him down. If caught, he could face a felony charge.
"I'm going to ask the judge and the district attorney to throw the book at them," says Watson.

Dupree says he has seen a lot in the course of his ministry but he has never dealt with something like this.
"This will probably go up in my top six," says Dupree.

The person responsible can face up to six years behind bars, have to pay $4500 in fines and serve 160 hours of community service. The sheriff's office is offering a $500 reward for info leading to an arrest. I f you can help, call the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.

PREVIOUS STORY: A large stack of tires was left behind one of Cleveland's best known churches. 

Bradley County Sheriff, Eric Watson and officers received and alert that a large stack of 75 tires, some several years old, had been left behind one of the buildings on the campus of Faith Memorial Church on 17th Street. 

The church's pastor, Jimmy Durpree had learned through witnesses that a U-Haul type of truck had driven behind the building, with perpetrators unloading the tires. Pastor Durpree, concerned about the safety and health risks of having the discarded rubber tired contacted, Lt. Tim Mason, who removed some of the tires, until it was determined the task was too large for one person, and decided to seek the people and the truck that left them there. 

Sheriff Watson said, “Old, used tires are a health risk and a danger to children, especially.  I felt like a reward of up to $500.00 for the arrest and conviction of these folks would open up the possibilities for charges.  This is borderline vandalism.”

The Sheriff stressed that this case is open and is being investigated thoroughly by his office and environmental division.  The tires were removed from the dump site and are being disposed of legally