What began as a senior project has turned into a labor of love at Hixson High School.  

Some of the school's top seniors are taking special needs students to heights they never thought they could achieve.

It's a welcome break from the routine for Hixson High seniors, and students who, in previous generations would have never crossed their paths.  Now they're making lifelong friends.

Spearheading this movement is Garrick Hall, a longtime Hixson teacher and coach with a heart for helping kids.  That heart has a particular soft spot for kids in the Comprehensive Development Class, or CDC.  He remembers when their PE time was a low spot in their day.  Coach Hall has removed all obstacles, and welcomed several ready and willing seniors.  For some, it's their class project as they prepare to enter college, and it may turn out to be even more.  He calls it a win win situation.
He said, "Because the kids who are mentoring get so much out of it, and our special kids are interacting with students in this class who they would never see outside of it."

 The class is currently rehearsing is for a school-wide talent show in March, which was rarely open to all students in the past.  Now, that practice is right where it belongs, in the past.
Coach Hall says the class wouldn't be possible without the support and encouragement of principal Lee Sims. He says the most rewarding part is seeing students who once hid in a corner during PE class, now calling it the best part of their day.