CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Tyrone Enoch left the Mocs in the early 90's as the single season assist leader, but almost three decades later it's Enoch who needs an assist. Although he'll never admit it, his former UTC Basketball teammates are asking for him. Enoch's life was turned upside down after a near deadly fall last December.

He was one of the flashiest and most prolific passers in UTC Basketball history.

"Between the legs, the spin, the dish," those the words of then ESPN anchor Dan Patrick while describe one of Enoch's cat like reflex assists that made ESPN's top plays of the decade.

Twenty-six years later, Tyrone can't pull off a play like that, much less dribble a basketball.

At least not since December 12th 2015.

"December 12th, not a good day for me," said Enoch.

The man who made passing look so easy you'd think he was sleeping through it, has a habit of sleep walking, but it never caused an issue until December 12th.

"My first thought was like, oh my God. I just tumbled and tumbled until i ended up by the door," said Enoch.

Head over heels, down his North Chattanooga turning staircase. Frozen, not with shock or fear, but even worse.

"When i went to the hospital, they said i was paralyzed," said Enoch.

A broken neck. Paralyzed from the neck down, but not alone.

Just as his former teammate Bart Redden was there for him in 1991 to send his acrobatic assist home for two points, Redden and his brothers were by his side again.

Enoch said, "I got so many calls in ICU. Without them, i don't know where I'd be right now. The hope they gave me was unreal."

Two surgeries, two metal plates and a handful of screws later. Tyrone has regained roughly 60 percent of his mobility, but now he's fighting another battle.

Redden said, "life doesn't stop with an injury or accident. Bills don't go away, food doesn't magically appear in the refrigerator."

Health insurance from Tyrone's previous job doesn't last forever either. It expires before spring. So Redden is leading the charge to raise money for Tyrone, his wife and daughter.

Doctors say if all goes well he could regain 90 percent of his mobility, which by his count is more than enough to get back on the court.

Enoch said, "I want to have one more shot. That's all i need is one more shot. Not much to ask."

If you'd like to help Enoch in his recovery, click here to donate to Tyrone's GoFundMe page.