A Hixson man with a long history of arrests doesn't seem to have changed his ways, even nearly a decade after a deadly crash that landed him behind bars for 7 years. Steven Frizzell is no stranger to the law. He pleaded guilty in 2009 to a fatal head on collision on Memorial Day two years prior. 72 year old Robert Frizzell, who was a family friend, died.

Every time Tom Frizzell thinks he's seen the last of the man who killed his father, Steven Frizzell makes the news again. “Every day, or every week, or month we hear something about him. It has been tough,” said Tom Frizzell.

In eight days Steven Frizzell has been arrested twice and charged with drug possession and driving under the influence along with a lengthy list of other charges. The 29 year-old, who plead guilty to vehicular homicide in 2009, was arrested Thursday morning for drug and firearm possession. It's his second arrest this week. According to a police report, officers found Frizzell unresponsive in his car high on drugs. He was charged with DUI. This week's arrests make 12 since being released from prison in 2014. “I don't reckon he is ever going to learn. They keep letting him out.”

The crash that killed Tom Frizzell's father also injured his mother, Joanne. He doesn't want any other family to go through what his has. “I wouldn't wish this tragedy on any family but if something isn't done with him, it will happen again. I really believe that.”

District Attorney Neal Pinkston couldn't comment on Frizzell, citing the two pending cases against him. Pinkston told Channel 3 last year -- after another arrest -- the charges Frizzell faced would likely come with probation because they were misdemeanors instead of felonies. When he appears on new charges a judge can take Frizzell's past into consideration.

Tom Frizzell wants the man responsible for killing his father put away for good. “If something is not done, if the boy is not put away, it is going to happen again. The boy is going to kill someone else.” Frizzell is being held in the Hamilton County Jail awaiting a bond hearing. Although the families have the same last name they are not related. Steven Frizzell will go to court on February 29th and March 28th for his most recent charges.

So far, Frizzell's offenses have been misdemeanors. Some of his recent charges, however, do reach felony status. This means he now could face stiffer penalties. That will be up to the judge.

 We'll be sure to follow any new developments in this story.

A Hixson man, convicted of vehicular homicide in 2007, has been arrested for the 12th time since being released from prison.

Chattanooga police arrested Steven Frizzell, 29, on Thursday and charged him with light law violation, financial responsibility, drugs for resale (heroin and meth), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm, contraband in penal institutes and obstruction of justice.

This recent arrest comes just eight days after Red Bank Police arrested Frizzell and charged him with driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

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Frizzell was sentenced to eight years in prison following the 2007 Memorial Day crash that killed 72 year-old Robert Frizzell. Robert’s wife, JoAnn Frizzell, was also injured in the crash.

According to court records, Frizzell has been charged with crimes on ten separate occasions since being released from prison in 2014.

Frizzell is due to appear on the most recent charges in Chattanooga on February 29.