Usually, the bad guys want to make their hit then 'get out of Dodge.' But, the guy we are looking for this week, for some reason, even after getting full co-operation form his victim, decided to take the time to tie her up. Hopefully, clear video and the promise of up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers reward cash will convince you to help police round him up, quickly.

Monday, February 8th at the Tennessee Avenue Check-Into-Cash in St. Elmo, the suspect enters. Store surveillance video shows the guy and for a moment, all seems normal. "The gentleman goes and poses a little bit as a customer, talks to the clerk, and when she has her back turned, he gets behind the counter and shows her a weapon," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer.

Another camera shows the bad guy escalate his encounter with the clerk. "She complies with his demands. They go on the back and retrieve money from the safe and then in an effort to keep himself from getting caught, he decides to tie the victim up," Off. Frazer continued. "It's incredible the lengths this guy went to to rob this facility. It's pathetic."

He bound her hands with zip-ties, then felt the need to corral her feet with rope. In securing his knot, he drops the victim hard to the ground. "This was not the quick in and out robbery like you would typically see," Frazer said. "This guy spends some time in the facility."

The crook's extended time inside the store, though, gives us a good, long look at  him. "This gentleman," said Frazer, "he's a black male, 6 foot tall with a slender build. He has a tattoo of a teardrop under his left eye and also a tattoo of the letters N and Y on his left neck."
Those are what you would call 'distinguishing characteristics.' It is certainly enough to identify him, if you know him. "This individual was clearly not very intelligent going to check into cash which, like you say, is involved in the money exchange business," Frazer surmised. "This place is going to be well fortified with surveillance video and, as you can see, the surveillance video is exceptional."

Do you recognize this week's bad guy? Get paid for your good information to police. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back with you with any questions. Remember, though, he will never ask who you are. Up to $1,000 reward is on the table.