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Christian, Muslim team up to bridge social gap

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Steve Yuzenko’s perception of Pakistan used to be that it was only a haven for terrorists.

“I've never, other than two people that I am acquaintances with from a convenience store and restaurant I never met anybody to tell me anything about Pakistan,” said Yuzenko. 

It wasn't until he took part in an experiment and started adding friends on Facebook from the Middle East that his mindset began to change. He says those he connected with abroad are also having a life changing experience.  Their perception of Americans is different now.

“There is one guy he is building a school from nothing for kids that wouldn't be educated over there,” said Yuzenko. 

Rehan Allahwala is the man behind it all. He is using social media to link people from all over the world, so they can learn, understand, and love each other more.

 His experiment is the reason Yuzenko has a new outlook. 

“By adding someone on Facebook you are allowing them to see through your personal photos, your family photos. What you are eating,” said Allahwala.

The founder of the program says communication over the World Wide Web is key. He believes it can serve as a vehicle for world peace.

“If a million people from Palestine and Israel would do that, there would be no more Middle Eastern problems in my opinion,” said Allahwala. 

Rehan Allahwala is giving away a free laptop if you connect with at least 800 of his friends on Facebook. Allahwala has already given out 150 laptops. To get plugged in add Rehan on Facebook here.  

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