UPDATE: All westbound lanes of Interstate 24 have been reopened to traffic as crews work to clean up the scene of an overturned tractor trailer earlier Tuesday morning .

Chattanooga Police says the driver of the 18-wheeler truck lost control on the Ridge Cut, landed on its side and blocked all lanes of traffic shortly after 2:00 a.m.

"It had the whole freeway shut down, half the tractor was over the side of the guard rail and the cab tore off. the load was busted off the top of the trailer spilling out," said J.R. Hancock.

Hancock works with the Monteagle Wrecking Service, which had all hands on deck to get the road cleared as soon as possible.
The truck was carrying large boxes filled with small metal rings.

The heavy contents of the trailer made it hard to turn the trailer upright, and with rush hour looming, Hancock and his crew didn't have much time to work with.

"It needed to be off-loaded but they wanted the road open, so they said, get it up," Hancock said.

Once the truck was back on its wheels the job was only half-done. Next, all of the debri had to be cleared from the roadway.
Chattanooga Police say the driver of the truck lost control as he was coming down the ridge cut. A dangerous area Hancock tows from often.

"I would say he was coming down the Ridge Cut too fast, speeding probably, not paying attention," Hancock said.

The truck suffered a significant amount of damage.

The truck driver has minor injuries. He was treated for his injuries and released Tuesday morning.

No other cars were involved and no other injuries were reported.

PREVIOUS STORY: An 18-wheeler overturned on Interstate 24 westbound early Tuesday morning near the ridge cut, closing the roadway for westbound traffic.

The crash happened near Exit 180/Fourth Avenue about 2:00am.

Traffic is being rerouted off the interstate at Exit 183/Germantown Road to surface roads. 

According to dispatch, the driver of the truck had minor injuries. No other cars were involved.

The Chattanooga Police Department and wreckers are working to clear the scene.

WB lanes are expected to be re-opened by 7:15 a.m. or sooner. Drivers should seek an alternate route.

There may be additional delays near Brainerd Tunnels, as well as on Hwy 153/Amnicola due to heavy traffic.