After Monday's ruling Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Rob Philyaw asked state Senator Todd Gardenhire to join other state lawmakers and clarify Tennessee's mandatory reporting law. 

"This is not the first time I've had a problem with a DCS policy and it probably won't be the last," Judge Philyaw said to a full courtroom.

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Problems within the policy like child-on-child abuse and the time frame of reporting. 

The law states anyone who believes a child is being abused or neglected must report it immediately but Judge Philyaw said that law needs to be more specific.

"There's an argument that could be made that Victim 1 was reported the next day, but that's not good enough. And there's no proof that the other three were reported," he added. 

Senator Gardenhire made the trip from Nashville to hear the facts for himself and agrees, the law needs to be tweaked. 

"What can we do to strengthen the code? What can we do to help and not be a hindrance to school administrators," Gardenhire said, "Put in there time frames of when someone is responsible for reporting and if so, who to."

He plans to team up with other state leaders and present changes within the next three weeks.