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Man receives death threats after creating "Boycott Beyoncé" page

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After Patrick Hampton saw Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance he created the “Boycott Beyoncé” page. He didn't expect the response that would come with it.

He received over 23,000 likes, but also several death threats.

“I had one guy send a message that was local, that said we have all these shootings in Chattanooga, why haven’t you been shot yet? This guy looks like he was in a gang,” says Patrick Hampton.

Monday he filed a police report with the Chattanooga Police Department. 

Hampton says he doesn't agree with the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers imagery displayed by Beyoncé during her half time performance. 

He says her message divides the country and takes the country back to 1965. 

“I know historically what the Black Panthers stood for, and the reason they were shut down by the FBI was because they were having shootout with police. The reason I took this stand is because I want people to know you don't have to be part of a movement because it's popular,” says Hampton. 

Hampton works with inner city youth in Chattanooga. He says there are different ways to approach racial tensions in America. He says the Super Bowl halftime show wasn't the place to do it.  

“I believe there are racial tensions in the community. The way to approach it is with forgiveness. We have to learn to forgive each other. We have to learn to unify, and not only seek equality, we have to seek equity and unity in the community,” says Hampton. 

Hampton says police advised him Monday to remove the page for his safety, but Patrick says he's not going to take it down.

“But I believe it's time, it's time for a man of color to stand up and say: "You know what I support the police." It's time to do better in how we respond to police,” says Hampton. 

Channel 3 reached out to Chattanooga Police to see how they investigate online death threats. 

They released a statement that reads in part: "No matter how small the harassment may seem, if you feel uncomfortable or threatened it is always important to report it to law-enforcement so there is a written record of the incident," said Chattanooga Police Department. 

Hampton wants the community to know his page is not affiliated with the anti-Beyoncé rally scheduled to take place Tuesday in New York at the National Football League's headquarters.

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