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Investing in anti-freezing items can can save you hundreds

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Roads and bridges aren't the only things likely to freeze, your car can too.

“Anytime you get cold air and moisture in the air it will cause things to freeze,” said Bo Ray, Quality Tires. 

Bo Ray with Quality Tires says a lot of people know that, but don't take the important steps before the freezing temps arrive. So they are left with a hefty bill.

“Broken door handles, wiper transmissions that are broken. Those are always the big ticket items as far as cold weather related,” said Ray. 

Last winter quality tires saw an influx due to the weather. 

“That was the big item last year, broken door handles. The plastic door handles don't hold up these days when you tug on them,” said Ray. 

Friday they changed out another door handle. Ray says had the owner de-iced it, they would have saved some cash. 

“Your door handles, they are a little bit more difficult. You can spray the deicer along the door jam, to help get the seal loose. There is a few household tricks, you can spray some WD 40, or oil around the door jam the day before,” said Ray. 

Windows can freeze as well, and if you try rolling them down without them thawed, that may leave you with another problem.

“You want to let your car warm up good on the inside, and just wait until temperatures warm up a little bit until you try rolling the windows down,” said Ray. 

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