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Hot Chocolatier sees last minute Valentine's Day rush

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All hands are on deck at Hot Chocolatier off Market Street, because there is a last minute rush for Valentine's Day.

“Valentine's for some reason, I'm not going to say it's because of guys, but they wait until the last minute. So it's a short, short shopping season that's very busy,” said Wendy Buckner, Co-Owner.

 A handful of workers prepare the strawberry chocolates and truffles, while another handful tends to customer’s needs. 

“The people that come in early, we just like really praised them because they are shopping early and thinking ahead, like he knows, he's a good guy,” said Buckner. 

A box of assorted chocolates goes for about eight bucks. But before you get to see and taste the finish product, artistry takes place.

“Each one that you pick out of our chocolate case is a little piece of artwork that we put the details on and make look so pretty and taste just as good,” said Buckner. 

They make the chocolate in a climate controlled kitchen. 

“It's like working doing chemistry. It wants a cool environment. So it stays about 67, 68 degrees year round in this room,” said Buckner. 

Hot Chocolatier is normally closed on Sunday's, but they will be open on Valentine's Day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

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