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USS Haddo Submarine veterans victims of theft; trailer still missing

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A 16-foot tandem trailer and custom built submarine were stolen from Davy Crockett Drive sometime between December 6, 2015 and February 5, 2016. The submarine was found behind a residence on Whisperwood Lane, but the trailer is still missing. The trailer is outfitted with three toolboxes and round tubes for banner storage, which also contained three banners valued at $500. There is also a large dent on the trailer and an 8x8 post running down the center with scissor jacks attached to it. A plaque on the end of the 8x8 reads, “In Memory of George Sims".

A picture a local group of retired submariners proudly stands next to a model of the USS Haddo, a replica submarine designed to display in parades and other local community events.  “We have kids in parades who say ‘Daddy it’s a submarine!’ as we drive by,” said Base Commander Larry Bell with the Haddo Base.

Larry Bell got the call the copy of the award winning vessel was missing from the storage unit. “One of the members went to the storage location for the float, discovered it was missing. He contacted the owner. The owner thought we had moved the float.” He contacted the Cleveland Police Department. A few days later Bell received a call the float was found. “There was a small scratch. I think the people who took the float tried to see if there was any valuable metal in the model itself.” The Haddo Base is still missing a major piece. “The trailer had equipment to raise and lower the sub during parades. Also contained our tools. So it was a valuable piece of property for us.”

The missing piece is more than a trailer for the Cleveland community. It's a piece of history. “It is the time, these veterans have invested sweat equity into making this thing and being proud and showing this thing to the Christmas parade and to new generations who don't know about these things and what they went through. It is history,” said Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department.

Without the trailer Bell said the float won't be available for the Armed Forces Day parade maybe not even for Memorial Day. “Perhaps they needed the trailer more than we did. We are going to recover from this, and we are going to come out strong,” said Bell.

Now it's a game of wait and see for the return of property for this group of US veterans. “We need to respect the sacrifice they made for this country and us.”

The USS Haddo was a nuclear submarine that served many years with the Navy's Sixth Fleet.  Larry Bell said another trailer has been donated to the group, but they are still hoping to find the original.

Anyone with information about this crime or the suspect(s) are asked to please contact Detective Brian Stovall at 423.476.1121 or you are welcome to leave a confidential tip via CPD Facebook inbox.

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