CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- For all the old school UTC Basketball fans any game with ETSU means a little more. So as we get ready for the next ETSU game let's go back into time.

A day when sell outs were the norm between the Mocs and Bucs. 

1991. A year with a lot of special moments, including one of the program's most memorable highlights.

At 13th ranked ETSU, Tyler Enoch stole the ball, drove the court and soon enough, "felt like a trapped cat."

So Enoch did what any "trapped cat" does. He jumped, spun once, and then spun again with a crossover before dishing the ball to his buddy and roomate Bart Redden.

Redden put it home. Redden's only regret was that he didn't dunk it, but Redden was so shocked by not just the pass, but that he caught the pass, dunking it wasn't an option from where he was.

In a day when social media didn't rule and videos didn't go viral daily, that UTC highlight did. It was on ESPN that night as the top play. It was on CNN as their top play and years later it was named one of ESPN's top plays of the decade.

The Mocs lost that game to the 13th ranked Bucs but Enoch and Redden were quick to point out two things. One, they beat ETSU earlier that season when the Bucs were ranked 11th and that their highlight stole the show when they did lose.