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Retails analysts project billions in Valentine's Day flower sales

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Nearly $2 billion is expected to be spent on flowers this Valentine's Day, according to the National Retail Federation. 

Those at Jimmie's Flowers in Cleveland gave Channel 3 a peek inside what goes into making that special arrangement. 

"Everyone wants something different to tell their own story, you know, roses mean one thing," George Poe said. 

Each arrangement comes with a special message and it's owner Jimmie Ann Poe's job to convey that message through her flowers. 

But her husband George said a lot goes into the process from the time the flowers are delivered from South America. 

"Each flower has to be cut, put in water, let it open, put it in the cooler and then rotated," he added. 

Poe said they made 250 deliveries Friday and will continue throughout the weekend, weather permitting. 

"Had we not been able to deliver all of these flowers today, if it snowed an we had to put it off for a week, we would have had to throw all those flowers away and buy some more so you can see what it do do to a profit," he said. 

After 39 years of business, Poe says the work means more than turning a profit but the ability to brighten someone's day. 

"I enjoy going into an office or a factory and there's a lot of ladies in there and I've got one dozen roses and so they're all getting real fidgety and they don't know which one got roses. And that means a lot because of what that flower says to them," he said.

Maybe you don't live in Cleveland and you're needing to run out for some roses, you can grab a bouquet at Whole Foods for $22 through Sunday. 

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