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Polk County snow days melting away

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A two hour delay for Polk County schools turned into a day off on Friday after a few hours hours of early snowfall. Copper Basin High School principal David Turner was at home in Bradley County when he heard the news.

"My phone started ringing at around 6:45 or 7:00, about it snowing there. There was a couple inches of snow in front of the school," says Turner.

It doesn't sound like a lot of snow, but safety was the number one priority, especially with a lot of rural areas and winding roads.

"Roads are very windy and curvy. But they're also shaded," adds Turner.

It's the fourth snow day this week and the seventh for the season.

According to interim Director of Schools Joel Cox, "We build in 13 total days by attending 30 extra minutes each day which is allowed by state law.  We are given the option to have 4 of those days for staff development activities during the school year.  However since we miss more days due to winter weather than most school systems we choose only to use 2 days for staff development.  This leaves 11 days for inclement weather or other safety factors (outbreak of flu)."  

Sports teams are feeling the pinch, too. The boys basketball team has canceled several games recently due to winter weather. Now it's full court press heading into the tournament.

"District tournament starts Thursday and we have, now, about two days to play three games," says Tim Kidd, Assistant Principal and athletic director.

The boys have been playing well. With Saturday an unlikely make-up day and Monday a holiday, they may have to play the two remaining district games on the same day.

"We're in a unique situation where there's us and two other teams that are fairly close," adds Kidd. "So these two games can make a huge difference."

On the academic side, Turner's ready for mother nature to stop playing games.

"We got some curriculum we still have to teach and we have to prepare for the upcoming state tests," says Turner.

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