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Trio arrested in meth lab busts

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UPDATE:  A drug sweep landed Sydney Stephens, Zachory Talley, and Christoper Wright in jail after the Dade County Sheriff's Office discovered 16 meth labs in one location. “Evidence was out in plain sight. Some of the chemicals they used and the materials they used to make meth was found outside the residence,” said Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross.

On Thursday law enforcement followed up with offenders who they suspected to be involved in current drug activities. “Two of them have been in our facility for meth in the past, and here they are again.” Officers got a search warrant for the house. Inside they found.. “a male and female inside trying to flush meth down the drain. One guy had a bag of meth in his mouth trying to eat the evidence.”

At the house next door officers found another person with drugs. They say the meth was packaged with the intent to sell and distribute. For sheriff Ray Cross seeing young adults behind bars tugs at his heart. “It is heartbreaking to see the 17 year old girl back there. Two months ago she was not even on this stuff. Now she is hooked on it.”

This is Zachory Talley's second run in with the law and the third strike for Christopher Wright. Sheriff Cross has a clear message for anyone involved with dealing drugs in this community. “They better move out of this county because if they don't we are going to move them out or put them in jail. I am tired of it. Kids are getting involved. We have had enough of it.”

The three individuals remain in custody. The judge didn't set a bond because of the magnitude of their offenses and history. The family of the three individuals declined to comment.

The Lookout Mountain Judicial Drug Task Force, the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Community Corrections Probation Division made a sweep Wednesday to follow up on offenders who were suspected to be involved in drug activity.

Searching for a probationer at 11291 South Main Street in Trenton, GA, officers suspected methamphetamine use and  manufacturing at the address, according to a new release from the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.

There, they seized 16 methamphetamine labs “one pot cooks” at the home.

Three suspects were taken into custody, and are now at the Dade County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

Officers also found the finished product from the meth labs, which was meth packaged with the intention of resale and distribution.

Those arrested are:

  • Sydney Brooke Stephens
  • Zachory Tyler Jacob Talley
  • Chirstoper Tyler Wright

Among the three arrested, Wright has been charged two times previously for manufacturing methamphetamine, this marking his third strike.

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