In the video you see Nancy Mason being tased by a Hamilton County Sheriff's Sergeant inside the Hamilton County Jail.

Channel 3 spoke to attorney Robin Flores by phone Wednesday. He said a Chattanooga police officer and a handful of county corrections officers failed
to protect, intervene, and report what they saw after his client Nancy Mason was tased.

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His client now wants 1.75 million dollars from the county and city.

The 60-year-old was taken to the facility in March 2015 after being arrested for stealing from a store.

When she arrived, Mason refused to remove her earings, which aren't allowed.

After Sergeant Rodney Terrell repeatedly asked her to remove them, he used force and deployed his stun-gun.

“I told her what was gonna uh that she was gonna be tased if she didn't comply with, with being able to be searched and I tased her,” said Sergeant Rodney Terrell, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

“I hope no one ever goes through what I went through,” said Mason.
Mason says when she went down she knew her arm was broken.

"You broke my arm. I didn't break your arm, you broke it!" said Mason.

She was taken to the hospital, then back to jail for her mug shot.

"Every time I see my arm, I think that policeman did that to me,’ said Mason.

An internal affairs investigation was launched and concluded three things:

  • Mason was not complying with orders to remove her earrings
  • Mason was *not* a physical threat to the 7 officers around her
  • And that "the deployment of the taser was inappropriate in this event"

Sergeant Terrell received a written reprimand from the sheriff.

Attorney Robin Flores says the $1.75 million dollars suit is for pain and suffering.

He’s including the county and the city because, he says, the city police officer who made the arrest did nothing to stop the use of force.

He is filing the lawsuit tomorrow morning at Hamilton County Circuit Court.