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Cold temperatures force students indoors for recess

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Students at a local elementary school were forced to stay indoors because of the freezing temperatures on Wednesday. Many of the kids at Calvin Donaldson Elementary played games in their classrooms instead.

Indoor recess videos and apps are popular with teachers and students alike.

"We've been learning how to exercise and cool down our brains," said third grader Melique Williams.

Williams' classroom was doing dance exercise videos. He said he doesn't mind staying inside because he knows it's better for some of his classmates who don't have coats.

"Some of our friends don't have jackets," Williams said.

"If temperatures are below freezing or it's raining outside, we normally transfer it inside for indoor recess, just to keep the kids from getting sick," said third grade teacher Torri Tiffin.

Students in Tiffin's classroom are using educational iPad apps during their free time.

"I'm playing cool math games," explained student Amare Haden.

"Some of the kids are on math games, some of them are on grammar games, and some are on science games," Tiffin explained.

While the students seem to love indoor recess, teachers admit that it requires extra work.

"It is very difficult to have indoor recess, because they don't have P.E. during the day on some days, so they're very hyper," said Tiffin. "We've been trying to do some dance videos before we did (iPad games) because we are very hyper today," she laughed.

Students will have indoor recess whenever temperatures are near freezing to keep kids from getting sick. It is also aimed to help those students who do not own warm winter coats.

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