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Whitfield County battled icy roads Wednesday morning

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People in Whitfield County woke up to snow Wednesday morning, but the main concern was the ice on the roads.

Crews worked all through the night to treat the roads so drivers could travel safely.

"Ice was the main concern because everything that hit the road froze," said Dalton Public Works Operation Manager Reece Carroll, "They said there could be some lingering but we didn't expect this! But I guess that's the way it goes I guess."

Before the sun was up on Wednesday, Dalton Public Works was battling unexpected icy roads in 20 degree temperatures.

"I didn't even check the weather, I knew I was going to run," said Randall Goodwin of Dalton, "Uncertain about the roads, so I took it slow to start with and making sure I had my footing and all that, and it's not that bad."

Some might call Randall Goodwin brave for venturing outside for a run, but he had another way to put it.

"There goes another crazy runner," he said jokingly.

The weather didn't get dangerous until about 10 p.m. Monday night.
Public Works got the call after dispatch confirmed multiple car accidents from icy conditions.

"Six wrecks," Carroll said, "Starting out at just about midnight last night."

That's when crews started making salt brine to treat about 200 miles of road. Trucks pour the brine over ice, it's salt melted down and mixed with water, and that way it starts melting as soon as it hits the ground.

Carroll said once their crews got in, reports of any accidents stopped.

"It was just here you know before, it took us a little while to get going and I think that's what caused the accidents," Carroll said.

Carroll said all of the roads in Dalton had been treated by about 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

The Whitfield County Director of Emergency Management said there were no major accidents reported overnight and no serious injuries.

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