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Winter weather hits North Georgia

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The winter weather resulted in many North Georgia schools canceling class for the day, including Dade County Schools. While some students were looking to play outside, others tried to stay warm indoors. The cold meant big business for some restaurants up on Lookout Mountain.

"I woke up. It was like 9:45. I got kind of in a hurry because I thought I was late. And then I checked my phone and checked Twitter. It said school was canceled. So that's cool," says student Braxton Morgan.

Braxton Morgan and his friends were happy to wake up Tuesday morning to the news of Dade County Schools closing for the day. They started making plans right away, as a dusting of snow fell on Lookout Mountain.

"I mean, it's not a lot," says Morgan. "It's a little flurry. It's definitely fun. We're still going to go sledding, drive four wheelers and stuff."

"We're going to sled and then eat. Sled. Then eat again. Do that a bunch of times," says student Cass Walden.

We know for sure they stuck to the eating part of their plans. They stopped in the Canyon Quick Stop on Highway 136, as did others looking to fill their bellies on a cold day.

"It's pretty good actually because sometimes people like to come out and look at the snow and everything. So they stop by and grab something, so we get pretty busy when it snows," says Kristin Barrett, who works at the restaurant.

"They don't really like driving off the mountain and there's really not too many places to eat up here. So we get an advantage in that way," says Missy Hartline, who works at the Canyon Quick Stop.

For Hartline, it means keeping the grill hot and the burgers coming.

"We've made quite a few. We've also got this potato soup over here too."

They're happy to stay busy on such a dreary day.

"It goes by a lot faster when we're busy," says Barrett. "When we're slow and just standing around it's kind of boring. I'd rather be busy."

Now, if there were only enough snow on the ground to build a snowman.

"I love it! I don't like to drive in it. But I like to watch it and look at it and everything and go play in it," says Barrett.

Several road crews were making passes on the main roads as a precaution. The main concern going into the overnight hours will be any refreezing on secondary roads, resulting in black ice.

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