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Winter weather brings light snowfall to viewing area

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Winter weather has hit the WRCB News viewing area.

Right now we are looking at around 3 inches of accumulated snowfall in some parts of our viewing area, while others have on received about half of an inch of snow, or less.

The mountainous and elevated areas are receiving more sleet and snowfall than the main roads.

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Light rain is set to continue through the afternoon, with about an inch of rain expected to fall over the next few hours.

Some parts of the viewing area will have snow covered roadways, reduced visibility, and hazardous travel.

Currently, most of the main roadways are clear, with the exceptions of back roads, and roads in higher elevations.

TDOT trucks were on standby to treat Signal Mountain's Taft Highway but some of the side streets had snow accumulating throughout the morning.

"It isn't bad yet but if it keeps coming down and keeps getting colder, it's going to get a lot worse," said Marlow Willis, a food delivery driver who worked through the snowy conditions. "Driving a lot slower than you usually drive, watch out for other drivers and keep more distance around your vehicle."

The temperatures have dropped over the past few days with Tuesday's high reaching only 36 degrees.

It started snowing in Monteagle late Monday night but the snow didn't start sticking until early Tuesday morning. The main roads have been treated and are clear, but the side roads do not get as much attention and they could still be icy and slippery.

It was about 20 degrees in Monteagle Tuesday morning and already an inch of snowfall. Luckily,  crews kept the main roads salted and plowed and the roads were clear all morning.

"City workers and state workers have been after it pretty much all evening long just keeping the roads going," said Police Chief Virgil McNeece, "Our back roads are still pretty much covered but our main roads everything's moving really good."

For some in Grundy county, seeing snow is not a bad thing..

"For  Waffle House it's a good thing because it's a safe haven, everybody knows we're open no matter what. Everybody else will kind of shut down and shy away but we make sure everything is salted," Waffle House employee Kacie Bozeman said.

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