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Mom of teen shot, killed remembers her son

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“What happens to the family that doesn’t ever get to see their child ever again? That doesn’t get to kiss him ever again? That doesn’t ever get to look him in the eyes and say: "I miss you. I love you,” said Norma Ferrer, mother.

Norma Ferrer says her 16-year-old son Monserrate Ferrer loved football and was full of life.

“He use to tell me that one day he will play in the NFL, and we are going to buy a big house so that he can have a car, a Maserati, because it was almost like his name,” said Ferrer.

He won't ever play in the NFL.

Friday during school hours police say a 15 year old shot her son inside this home on Bennett Road.

The police report says the boy told officers the shooting was accidental and he didn't know the weapon was loaded when he pointed it at Ferrer and shot him.

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Ferrer’s mom said her son wasn't in school on Friday because he was suspended

“The reason he was suspended from school was because he was protecting his friend from being jumped,” said Ferrer.

She learned about the shooting while at work.

“The detective called my phone and asked me if I was his mom, and I told him yes, he told me there had been an accident,” said Ferrer.

When she arrived at Erlanger, a worker told her to go to the family room.

“When she told me that I lost it, I already knew,” said Ferrer.

She's been in a family room before, 2-years-ago when another family member was killed.

She knew the news would be the worst, and now she regrets letting her son go to this house.

“I should have asked more questions. I should have said no! That night,” said Ferrer.

Ferrer’s mother told me they hope to have his funeral next week.

Count on Channel 3 for more as the investigation continues.

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