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Water main break slows Saks Wing Shak sales on Super Bowl Sunday

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A crew with Tennessee American Water is out working a water main break on Talley Road near Brainerd Road. The break happened around 2am Sunday morning. Crews are still looking for a cause of the break.   

The owner of Saks Wing Shak sits in front of his business looking out in disbelief. He is facing a major setback on a day where billions of Americans will eat  millions of wings.“This is our Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday. Lots of wings ordered, lots of pre-orders. It is just a mess,” said the owner.

He arrived to work early Sunday morning to begin prepping for a long day, only to see water flooding his parking lot. “Immediately I ran inside to see if I had water, of course all the water is outside.”

He isn't the only one facing a setback Sunday. Residents also woke up with no water. “I saw all this water and I thought a pipe burst because I had low pressure in my toilet. I came out here and saw everyone moving their cars,” said Louise Whitener.

Tennessee American Water says an eight inch break is to blame. Crews are expected to be out for hours working on the repairs. “We are closing valves to get the water off. Some customers may experience low pressure or no water,” said Project Manager Grady Stout.

It’s a game of wait and see for the wing shack, “It’s tough, it is going to be a tough day.” As its owner hopes it won’t mean game over on the busiest day of the year. “I had a customer come by and say Hey Man, 5 o'clock. I need my wings. What you think? I said I have no idea.”

The owner of Saks Wing Shak called Channel 3 around noon to tell us the store is open for business. Tennessee American Water said crews will be out for 4-6 hours working on the repairs. Water was restored around 1 p.m for businesses Daphne Kirks of Tennessee American Water said they wanted Saks Wing Shak opened as soon as possible because they knew how busy they would be on Super Bowl Sunday. 

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