UPDATE: Chattanooga Fire investigators made two arrests last night in connection with the fire at the Brainerd Trophy Shop that occurred on Friday morning. 

Gene Wegg and Pamela McNabb have been arrested and charged with arson by the Chattanooga Fire Department. 

The parties allegedly broke into the Brainerd Trophy Shop and set fire to the building, but only after they stole a company van and several other items of value, according to a news release from the Chattanooga Fire Department.

Other charges are pending by the Chattanooga Police Department.

PREVIOUS STORY: The owner of the Brainerd Trophy Shop lost everything in an early morning fire, and he says a former employee is to blame.

While police and fire investigators are trying to figure out what happened, the owner gave Channel 3 a tour of the business he's been running for more than 50 years.

"That was my office," Jack Scruggs said as he pointed to a burnt wooden frame.

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Jack Scruggs looked at what's left of his business. He made all of the melted trophies for local teams and clubs to celebrate their achievements.

But on Friday morning, a fire ruined everything.

"Unbelievable," he said, "numb."

Scruggs claims the fire was not an accident and he knows the person who did it.
He hopes the recovered surveillance video from inside and evidence found on scene will help police make an arrest.

"She worked six months for me and I really took good care of her and tried to help her and everything," Scruggs said.

Scruggs says he fired the woman after he found out she was stealing from his business months ago.

Firefighters are currently looking into arson, after the store's manager got an alert early Friday morning that the security system was taken offline .

"So he drove to his house here and opened the structure up and that's when he found that the building was on fire," said Chief Rick Boatwright, "Called us, that's when we responded. They have had several break-ins over the last few months in this particular business."

As investigators focus on the evidence, Scruggs is focusing on all of the memories.

Scruggs says he'll replace all of his inventory. He's determined to keep his business open.
But with no insurance,  the $300,000 worth of damage is going to be a major setback.

"No insurance, we've never had a burglar, it's been 50-something years, never. No burglar, nothing," he said.

Scruggs says a work van and two large TV's were taken from the shop around the same time the fire broke out.
He hopes police can quickly catch who did this, as he works to re-build his business and re-open as soon as possible.