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Flooding recedes in north Georgia

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All that's left of Wednesday morning's flash flooding at Battlewood Apartments are some large puddles in the parking lots. But new resident Joshua Smith says the rain came hard and the water rose quickly.

"From about here to all the way back down that way it was knee-high," says Smith as he points toward his building. "And even behind this building it was flooded."

He also says the water receded almost as fast as it came, but after living here less than a month his eight-year-old daughter already had a scare in the middle of the night. Nearby family came to help. Fort Oglethorpe police evacuated everyone and an officer carried smith's daughter to safety.

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"On her it [the water] would have been almost above her waist," adds Smith. "She was kind of worried and upset about it. She was glad to get to her paw-paw."

The water was high enough to put at least one resident's car out of commission. Crank after crank, it had trouble starting.

Tyler Youngs has been living at Battlewood for about a year and says the water almost made it past the top step into the lower level units.

"The water was about eight inches away from reaching the doors on the first level," says Youngs.

He was surprised it flooded worse than on Christmas Day, but with a creek running right by the property he expects at least some high water whenever rain is heavy.

"That's the highest it's ever been since I've lived here," adds Youngs. "The parking lot and this general area. The concrete, the yard. All that normally gets flooded."

He and Smith are glad the brief interruption of normal life didn't last longer.

"It could have been a lot worse. I'm happy and relieved," says Youngs.

"We're very thankful! We're very thankful!" exclaims Smith.

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