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Signal Mountain Police Department introduces body cameras for patrol officers

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The Signal Mountain Police Department is hoping to strengthen community trust. This week the department trained officers to use their new body cameras. The department received grant money from the Governor's Highway Safety Office to purchase the devices. Now, 13 patrol officers are equipped with body cameras. Making patrolling easier and safer for residents and officers.
Officer Coulter with The Signal Mountain Police Department sits at his computer downloading the latest video from his new body camera. “Protect officers and citizens. Videos don't lie, what happens is what we see. It can be used for evidence, it's going to be a great tool,” said Lieutenant Ken Coulter.

The cameras were purchased with grant money through The Governor's Highway Safety Office.  All 13 patrol officers will now be equipped with the cameras. “A video is valuable tool for us. They say a picture paints a thousand words. It will help show a lot of things. It is easier to see than describe,” said Captain Scott Ogrodwczyk.

The cameras cost $750 a piece. With less than 20 officers on staff the police department says storing the body cam video will not be an issue. “We have a much lower call volume that they do in Chattanooga. It is less of a problem. Our officers aren't as busy; we don't have the large number of officers. Less citizens and calls. It is a lot easier for us to store.”

It's also a step toward becoming a more tech savvy department.

“We are trying to provide the best service we can with what we have available. We are upgrading our technology and equipment and help move towards the 21st Century.”

It is proactive approach that is being received well by citizens.

“Everyone seems excited, no negative comments everything positive. We will wait and see. It is new to us,” said Coulter.

The captain said the body cameras are now a department policy. The officers are required to upload the video after every shift. The video will remain on file for a minimum of 18 months.

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