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Vandals hit Ashland Terrace car wash again

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A local business owner is floored at the level of vandalism he arrived to, Monday morning. It appeared someone running a tree service, legitimate or otherwise, emptied their truck after a day's work. That shut down part of the Ashland Terrace and made for lengthy clean-up.

"I've never seen a mess like that," said a disgusted Max Falk. "Just willful destruction, basically." His normal routine is to leave his house and drive by his properties. Falk owns a few self-serve car washes around the area. He is used to some light maintenance and trash pick-up, but upon arrival at the Ashland Terrace site, what he saw left him frustrated, to say the least. "You don't want to know what I said," he added.

Someone had trashed at least two bays with what looked to be waste from a tree removal service. There were also: a downed tree, itself, four car tires, and more. "It's amazing what people do," Heather Nelson, one of Falk's relatives explained. "They also graffitied one of the car wash bays with gang signs. Everybody thinks of the gang stuff is only happening in one area, but it happens everywhere."

These kinds of places are easy targets for vandalism. Falk has reported crime like this more than a dozen times before, but this time he says the level of disrespect was breathtaking. "It's a total disaster," he said. "To have someone come in and do that do you; you know, you have to come in and clean it up and it's frustrating."

It will take at least another day to get the business back up to full operation. "I've been in this business 30 years and had messes in the past," said Falk, "but, this is the worst one I've ever seen."

Nelson agreed saying, "That affects income coming in, food in your mouth, paying bills; so, it's not right."

Falk said the last time they had trouble with vandals, the police were able to make an arrest. He asks all of us help keep an eye on each others' property and if something ever appears not quite right, do not hesitate to call police.     

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