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Courageous Community event aims to bring community together and eliminate bullies

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Silverdale Baptist Academy is working with Hamilton County Schools to provide more training and healing for our community. Silverdale leaders say they have found an invaluable resource in author and speaker Paul Coughlin to help combat bullying. The school has used his curriculum for years and is now hosting him this Sunday night. It starts at 6:30 at Silverdale Baptist Sanctuary on Bonny Oaks Drive. It's free and will include interaction with the audience.

Anti-bullying advocate Paul Coughlin is in Hamilton County this week addressing a serious issue happening in our community. “If we really want to change this problem, we must come together as an entire community. Bullying isn't a school problem its cultural,” said Coughlin.

For four days Coughlin will be addressing problems facing students. He is meeting with the public, area youth pastors, school counselors, and administrators in hopes to bring the adults more aware of what is going on behind the computer screen. “Cruelty is a currency in youth culture. Our kids get ahead and become more popular by being awful to one another. We have to change that as adults.”

He says the biggest threat comes on social media and texting on their phones. “When we were growing up, you would get bullied, you come home, and your parents would patch you back like Humpty Dumpty and then you go off for another day, but you get a break from it. Today's kids aren't getting a break from it, and it is wearing their soul down and grinding them down.”

Coughlin says the bullies know they are doing wrong and it’s the communities responsibility to take action. “We need to make courage currency instead. I am going to dispel a lot of myths about bullying, change the perception about bullying. I want to help your community heal and come together during this horrible time.”

Paul will speak to the Chattanooga community on the real world of bullying, and where we go from here. The event is free and open to the public. It begins at 6:30 Sunday at Silverdale Baptist sanctuary on Bonny Oaks Drive. For more information on Coughlin’s visit to Chattanooga, click here- PAUL COUGHLIN    

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