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Elderly woman fears city is forcing her out of her home

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The City of Chattanooga has condemned three homes in a Mountain Creek neighborhood and now one elderly woman fears hers will be next. 

When you look around Margie Jones' home, you can't miss her passion for gardening. The 68-year-old has lived in the home for 60 years but fears her days living there are numbered. 

"He wants everything done to city code and I asked if the city was going to furnish me anything, I live on disability. No," she said. 

Jones says inspectors have told her to bring her home up to code or it will be condemned. Jones says her home has electric, heat and running water. 

It's a trend she's watched happen to three other homes in her neighborhood. 

"What would you do?" Channel 3 asked Jones. 

"I'd live in my car and I can't do that. Not with my problems," she said. 

Jones doesn't mind fixing the electrical wiring and damaged floors and says she's been making the repairs as she can. Jones lives alone and on a fix income. 

"I have my windows back in and little by little. I have my rug and I have the lauan to put down and I have a friend that's putting it down," she added. 

But Jones says she needs more time. She's battling a number of health issues including an upcoming hip replacement and says she will need time to recover. 

"I want them to just go on and leave me alone and come back in the Fall. I'll have everything painted and everything in place," she said. 

Channel 3 contacted the city for more information about Jones' case but our calls were not returned.

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