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"USS Chattanooga" may soon sail the seas

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Soon "USS Chattanooga" may sail the seas.

Tuesday night, the Chattanooga City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that asks the U.S. Department of Defense and Navy to call the next naval ship "USS Chattanooga" in honor of the Fallen Five.

“To remember them, to memorialize them so that we will never forget those lives,” said Chip Henderson, District 1, Chattanooga City Council. 

Councilman Chip Henderson said the idea came from retired vets who want to keep the Fallen Five's memory alive.

“Well, actually this is something that come up fairly quickly just in the last week or two we began talking about it, and they asked me if I could present a resolution and I told them sure I would be glad to,” said Henderson. 

Since this resolution passed city council with no problems, it now goes to Congressman Fleischmann who said he is eager to get the proposal before the department of defense for it to sign off.
Congressman Fleischmann is waiting on the Tennessee General Assembly to pass a resolution so he can submit both to the department of defense. 

There’s no word on how long it will take for a navy ship to be named after Chattanooga.

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