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No delays for one local church as they prep for a special visitor

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Church goers on Signal Mountain were limited to where they could attend church services Sunday. Churches were closed due to the bad roads. But for one church they had to remain open.

Saint Timothy’s Episcopal Church services must go on no matter what the weather outside looks like. Parishioners were getting ready for a special visitor Sunday. 

Church members were out bright and early treating the sidewalks and parking lots for Sunday services. “We used the blowers, shovel, sprinkled deicer. But we didn't want things to refreeze overnight, so we came out to finish it off,” said Daniel Durant.

Despite snowy roads and an icy parking lot . Mass went on as planned for Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church. “We sent out emails last evening, hopefully we have people spotting and greeting and escorting folks across the parking lot.”

“We will have people all around the church helping people get into the church,” said Rector Derek Hill. Rector Derek Hill said the wintery weather couldn't have come at a worst timing.  The congregation is expecting a very special visitor. “ We hope the bishop can get here.  Hoping everything takes place and still have people show up.”

No weather delays allowed for the bishop. He is the only one allowed to perform the sacrament for the 19 kids getting confirmed. “It is vital to always keep the church's doors open, even when we have bad weather. This is the time we need the church the most.” But with a parking lot a little less packed than a typical Sunday morning, Rector Hill understands. “I hope everyone is safe, we want them to be safe. Whether they come to church or not, be safe first.”

Nineteen children were confirmed and two babies were baptized. The bishop will be touring the Knoxville area next.

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