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Snow accumulates in Sequatchie County

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Snow plows in Sequatchie County were busy on Friday night as they tried to keep the roads clear.

The snow on Cagle Mountain picked up in the afternoon and fell steadily through the evening.

"It's hard to get back and forth to work," said Jessica Roberts, who drove from Whitwell to her job at the Cagle Mountain Trading Post, only to find the restaurant had closed because of the weather.

"I think I'm gonna stay up here," she said, not risking the drive back home.

"I've got three kids at home, and it scares me because I have to make it to work, and I want to make it home back to my kids," she said.

The weather caused some dangerous driving conditions. The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office reported several wrecks on Highway 111. On Signal Mountain, Highway 127 was shut down. But some drivers on Cagle Mountain were pleased with TDOT's work.

"Not a problem at all, the roads just wet," said Richard Miller, whose best advice is to drive slow or stay home.

"Stay off the brakes," said Andre Leon. "Unless you know what you're doing. You've gotta know how to drive. You can't be out here being stupid."

Late Friday, The Sheriff's Office reported that all main roadways were open and passable. But if you don't have to be out, just stay safe at home.

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