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Car body shops are busy after weather-related wrecks

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More than 70 wrecks were reported in the Chattanooga area during icy conditions on Wednesday. No one was seriously hurt, but the damage to their cars is a different story.

Local body shops say they're already busy with repairs.

"Right now is the busy season," said Rick Padgett, owner of Red Bank Body Shop.

On Thursday morning, three tow trucks stopped by the body shop to drop off vehicles that were damaged during the icy weather.

According to Padgett, the day after the storm is just the beginning when it comes to repairs.

"We're gonna see a huge amount of vehicles being towed into the shop," he said.

Average turnaround time is about two to three weeks. Vehicles with serious damage take even longer. Insurance claims and ordering parts can cause even more delays.

"We went through deer season, and saw our fair share of those (repairs). Now, here comes the icy cold season," Padgett said.

Bradley county was another area with a high number of crashes due to the weather. There were 66 reported wrecks across the county on Wednesday.

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